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Aguilar Reservoir

Las Animas County - Colorado

Owner - Town of Aguilar

Contract amount - $2,088,000

Start date - November 2023

Estimated completion - Spring 2024

This project is to provide a new reservoir for water storage purposes with associated earthwork, infrastructure, and restoration. This project more specifically involves the following 1. Site Grading and Access 2. Ditch cleaning, grading, regrading, or filling 3. Demolition and abandonment of existing facilities. 4. Mass excavation 5. Various pipe- works for underdrain, discharge, or bypass pipelines 6. Relocation of overhead power. 7. Installation of infrastructure elements such as release gates and manholes 8. Bentonite and other “liner” practices using native soils and import additives 9. Finished grading and restoration.

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