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Medal of Honor Boulevard Extension

Pueblo County - Colorado

Owner - Pueblo County

Contract amount - $33,438,500

Start - May 2024

Estimated Completion - Fall 2025

As the only Pueblo County contractor bidding the project, Siete, Inc. was extremely excited to be awarded the project in April. The project is located between the S. Joe Martinez Blvd & Purcell Blvd. intersection in Pueblo West and the Pueblo Blvd. & 24th St. intersection in Pueblo. Medal of Honor Blvd will cross over the Wildhorse Creek arroyo and through the Honor Farm Open Space in Pueblo. The roadway extension will improve traffic flow by providing additional access between Pueblo and Pueblo West. The project will also enhance economic opportunities in the area. Medal of Honor Blvd will provide access to the new Pueblo County jail facility.

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